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Nick had to make a tough decision early on in his trading career to stay in college or drop out to pursue trading full time. He ultimately decided to make the decision to drop out of college.

His decision ended up being one of the best decisions he’s ever made. He is now the co founder of Velocity Trading and has been successfully trading small caps for over 4 years. Nick loves what he does and has a deep passion for day trading. He understands the struggles of being a new trader who’s just getting their feet wet in the market. As Nick was just recently in their shoes.

He now wants to share the knowledge he has in the market with others and help create other successful traders. Nick has been running Velocity Trading for over a year now and he has mentored and help teach other traders the right steps needed in order to become a successful penny stock trader. He has found success in being a hybrid trader going long and short. He has a knack for reading the tape and the volume which is a big factor into his trading. Nick has over a 70% winning percentage on some of his strategies that he will teach you if you sign up for Velocity Trading.

Guest Speaker at Velocity Trading

Jimmy is 50 years old, and has a great deal of experience and expertise in everything he does. He worked at Merrill Lynch back in the early 1990s before running his own fitness center from 1994-2008.

Soon after, he went into property development from 2008-2013. Then he decided to do what he enjoys, which is to trade options. Self educated in the financial industry, he uses what he knows as a base to formulate his trading style.

He would love to educate other traders and connect.

Alex has been a full time day and options trader for 5 years. When he was in high school, he started to research how to work from home and make good money.

After blowing up his first $500 account the following week, he decided that he needed to put in hard work and studying. Shortly after, he became a successful trader by tracking his strategies and trades, and his friends started asking him to teach them how to make money through online trading.

He soon fell in love with teaching and helping others. Alex met Nick who also had a strong desire to teach others, and together they created Velocity Trading. Alex specializes mainly in intraday trading using options.

He refers to himself as a “sniper” in the market, because of his ability to make great trades by only taking A+ setups when they present themselves.

Patrick is a 36 years old single father of three children and full-time options trader at Velocity. He holds a Master of Science Degree in Business and has been a mentor and educator within the Velocity community.

His robust thirst for knowledge and determination has added to his success and the success of our members. Having sought many paths in life and always working to better himself, Patrick joined the Velocity family as a rookie trader.

Having early success trading the Velocity option system, he now has a day in and day out experience in the markets actively trading and enjoying financial independence with his children.

A jack of all trades, Patrick has professional experience as a producer within the music industry and spends his free time as a creative and a family man. Having held roles as a chef, electronics engineer, music producer, marketing professional, business owner and entrepreneur; his wide variety of professional experience brings a unique perspective and learning experience to trading the markets.

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